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The Greyhounds: Wurlitzer Seeburg Rock-ola - the home of quality independent roots music Europe

Wurlitzer Seeburg Rock-ola Wurlitzer Seeburg Rock-ola  
The Greyhounds new release "Wurlitzer Seeburg Rock-ola" is a heart-pounding, toe-tapping tribute to the Golden Age of the Jukebox. It combines the band's originals with choice cover tunes that "oldies" radio has long forgotten.From the opening boogie-woogie riff of "Wurlitzer Seeburg Rock-ola" to the final reprise of the gospel fueled rocker "Saved" this disc never lets up. They infuse the dance sounds of the late 40's through the early 60's with an edgy street vitality that brings the spirit of old-time Sock Hops to the 21st century. "We had a blast making our record", says band leader Stuart Millman, "and I really feel it comes across that way after listening to it." Recorded in Hurley, NY at LRS Studios, these 14 tracks capture the live energy that the Greyhounds produce on stage, resulting in a fun,exciting and dynamic CD for all to enjoy... Vince Vincent "The Jukebox Jamboree" WVKR 91.3FM
1: Wurlitzer Seeburg Rockola (4:12)     MP3    
2: Hot Roddin' Flyin' Saucer Machine (2:03)     MP3    
3: Wild Saxophone (3:31)     MP3    
4: Charlie's Place (3:14)     MP3    
5: That Rock and Roll Beat (3:04)     MP3    
6: On the Move (2:35)     MP3    
7: Little Lulu (3:23)          
8: Make You Mine (3:41)          
9: Honey Bun (1:54)          
10: It's a Crime (3:16)          
11: Hiccups (2:05)          
12: Git Pickin' Man (2:38)          
13: Working Her Mojo (3:43)          
14: Saved (4:20)          

Songs Our Daddies Taught Us Songs Our Daddies Taught Us  
Fortunately the daddies of these New Yorkers turned their boys on to SUN records, Chuck Berry and '50s and '60s music in general. I sure wasn't that lucky! They dive head on into Gene Summers' Texas rocker "School Of Rock 'n' Roll" and you can tell they did their homework. They let it rip and continue the journey down memory lane with Chuck Berry's "Forty Days" (also known by Ronnie Hawkins). Venturing into the '60s the Greyhounds do "True True Lovin'", "Choppin' n' Changin'", "Papa Gene's Blues" (Monkeys) and "Sham Rock". Well done. Back to the '50s Rock 'n' Roll full blast with Jerry Lee's "I'm On Fire", no piano but the roaring saxophone and hot guitar make up for that. Hotter than hell the SUN Roy Orbison rocker "Mean Little Mama", then they explore Country territory with Roger Miller's "Poor Little John" and rock with Elvis melodic "Paralyzed". They close the set with Ronnie Self's "Ain't I'm A Dog" and an inspired "Ghost Riders In The Sky". - Courtesy of Blue Suede News -
1: School of Rock 'N' Roll (2:30)     MP3    
2: 40 Days (3:56)     MP3    
3: True True Lovin' (2:00)     MP3    
4: I'm On Fire (2:45)     MP3    
5: I Sure Miss You (3:22)     MP3    
6: Paralyzed (3:00)     MP3    
7: Crazy Arms (2:52)          
8: Mean Little Mama (3:00)          
9: Papa Gene's Blues (1:53)          
10: Poor Little John (2:10)          
11: Choppin' 'N' Changin' (2:43)          
12: Sham Rock (2:49)          
13: Ain't I'm A Dog (2:49)          
14: Riders In The Sky (5:38)